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Liisa’s Favourite item

Hi everyone!

The cutest item in our store at the moment, are the little bowls with the funny faces. It really makes me happy to see the expressions of the faces, that how you would like to start the day, right? I use them every morning, for my yoghurt with fruits as breakfast. Besides breakfast you can also use them for soup for example.

Love, Liisa


Amira’s favourite item

Hi everyone,

My favourite item of the collection are definitely the posters!

They give the feeling of real art in your home, but with a modern and funny touch. The prints are hilarious en de colours are really nice. At my appartment there are 3 posters next to each other, above my dining table, it’s a real eye catcher! Find a nice frame you like, and you’ll have your own little museum.

Love, Amira.

Wil’s Favourite item

Hi guys,

Last week Liisa and I went treasure hunting. I must say, it has been a succesful hunt! This amazing hard cover book from Porsche 911 is for sure my favourite.

I am not really a bookworm, but this book is very visual and shows the evolution of Porsche, all the 911’s are in here.

By the way I would recommend this book as a gift, it is nice to read and looks amazing on every coffee table.

Love, Wil.