Family business with a passion

33 Years ago we opened our very first store, but also one of the very first Design Stores in The Netherlands. Within a few years we were well known in Amsterdam. Because of our unique formula we opened more and more stores in The Netherlands and Belgium, even up to 30 stores! Together with a wholesale-person we established an amazing connection, that made it possible for us to travel all around the world. Because of our travels the most special items became available in our stores. Besides buying, the travels also gave a lot of inspiration for designing our own products. These were exclusively available at our stores.

‘We love personal stories that give a meaning to an item’

3 Years ago we decided to go back to where it all started, the 9 streets of Amsterdam. With an exclusive collection, personally selected by us, that makes us really enthusiastic about our collection.

Regalo Gallery is a real Family-owned business. Wil and Liisa started their journey together, and over the years, daughter, Amira made her entrance as well. Together they are a great team to run the store. 7 Days a week they are welcoming you in our Gallery to introduce you to the unique collection 


Wil, Liisa, Amira and the cutest dog Joy